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What is TYPEd?

TYPEd (Type Education) teaches people how to communicate their intentions and needs to others to achieve mutual understanding and faster results.

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TYPEd Approach

TYPEd training provides a clear context of the requirements and barriers to effective communication required for optimum performance and builds measurable frameworks to support individual adoption and ownership.

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Our Purpose

The TYPEd purpose is to develop a culture of empowered, mindful people collaborating with intention and ownership toward shared beliefs to achieve individual and collective success.


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We believe the proof is in the feedback. Check out some of our latest reviews to see what our clients are saying about TYPEd.

TYPEd Team

We believe that growth and innovation happen organically when inspired, mindful people come together using their unique strengths to achieve a shared mission. Meet the TYPEd cast that’s leading the charge toward our mission for better collaboration, communication and connectedness.


We believe a large part of communication is in the context beyond what we can read and hear. It’s the way we frame the information we’re sharing, the inflection of our voices when we speak and the body language we use to illustrate our stories. Check out our events to experience the TYPEd approach.

Featured Clients

  • “TYPEd taught me a lot about my coworkers – their ideal work habits, their communication strategies, and their personalities in general. This was beneficial because we work with nearly everyone else in the company. I liked the group work because it showed our strengths/weakness in action.”

  • “I enjoyed the program. The whole “People Are Strange” theme is a good fit. I think all the time “why can’t this person just be normal?” This program helped me understand that they’re probably thinking the same thing about me!”

  • “Just wanted to throw out there that I was originally skeptical of the personality test stuff but I actually thought discussing it with Sarah was really informative and I’m glad I did it. Definitely a good move from a team building standpoint and it has sparked some interesting conversations already.”

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