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Here are some of the blind reviews from our most recent post program surveys.

Just wanted to throw out there that I was originally skeptical of the personality test stuff but I actually thought discussing it with Sarah was really informative and I’m glad I did it. Definitely a good move from a team building standpoint and it has sparked some interesting conversations already.

Just got done with Sarah. That was amazing. The last part was potentially life changing.  i.e. The part about our most dominant trait / inferior trait and how the inferior one rises to the top when you are stressed.

This stuff is very interesting.  I read through the rest of those book pages you copied, it was pretty accurate.  I also read some stuff online and that was pretty accurate.  Scary accurate.  I think perhaps the biggest insight to be gained is to learn why a person thinks the way they think and that there is a science behind it.

I enjoyed the program. The whole “People Are Strange” theme is a good fit. I think all the time “why can’t this person just be normal?” This program helped me understand that they’re probably thinking the same thing about me!

TYPEd taught me a lot about my coworkers – their ideal work habits, their communication strategies, and their personalities in general. This was beneficial because we work with nearly everyone else in the company. I liked the group work because it showed our strengths/weakness in action.

It was great! I enjoyed connecting with people and understanding them at a deeper level. I enjoyed learning about my strengths and weaknesses too.

I enjoyed all aspects of the TYPEd program. I was hesitant at first to thinking the way I communicate internally could be changed based on knowing a co-worker’s type vs from having worked with them but was pleasantly surprised. I thought throughout the program of instances when I realized I communicated poorly with a coworker or why they communicated with me the way they did. I know the lessons and tools will help me communicate internally as well as with clients (and even personally) moving forward! Thank you for making the lessons interactive and entertaining.

I thought this training was super beneficial – both to our personal lives and to the cohesiveness and comradery among the team. In many cases, we clash with team members. We may not know why other than that they work differently. This training helps to provide content as to why we work the way we do, and why we have certain preferences. Having this information will allow us all to work better as a team and try our best to accommodate others, when possible. I liked the examples from shows and movies that helped us relate to the topics at hand. Overall, it was a great use of time.

I thought the program was useful because I’ve thought for a long time that it’s important to know who you are and to be able to communicate that with others. It gave me a chance to say some things that I probably would not have said otherwise, this was difficult for me, but I hope that others benefited from it.

It was interesting, empowering, motivational and at times, fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned more than I thought possible on MBTI. I believe our team took a lot out of this and they appreciate Site-Seeker’s investment in them. You know your stuff and it was a pleasure to work with you. Your energy is contagious and you kept everyone engaged and involved. I look forward to discussing more programs as you expand your portfolio of services and hopefully discussing how else you can impact and improve the people at Site-Seeker.

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